Cute Makeup Tips To Copy From These Instagrammers

10 Instagrammers are rocking their makeup styles

1. I love a natural makeup look. Under eye concealer, mascara, bronzer, a little blush, some highlight, with a pretty sheer pink lipgloss, is really all a girl needs. The key is to not look like your wearing makeup and Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of the natural makeup look and she wears it beautifully.
2. Make-up is the concept of being able to have control over your appearance and using tools to make yourself look the way that YOU think expresses yourself.
3. Perfect make up look for me is make up the face as needed. For example make up the face to the office different with makeup for the party.
4. My perfect makeup look would have to be everyday wear, nothing too heavy. Sometimes just a little mascara and a bold lip or Chapstick is all you need.
5. I could talk about the evolution of makeup and cosmetics for DAYS! The whole process is like a ritual for me… it’s about creating and becoming something that I love the most, I think. You have an idea that leads you into a look but the finished look could be totally different in the end, it’s always something new.
6. My favorite looks, especially during spring and summer, is a dewy, radiant look. I love a natural/nude lip, but there’s nothing greater than a pop of color to brighten the lips and cheeks. I also love a great highlighter and bronzer to top it off!
7. I only really wear makeup when I have something important to do or when I go out. Usually it’s just mascara and maybe some blush but that it’s. But what I like about makeup is that you can keep experimenting in finding new looks that work for you. Makeup can accentuate all the beautiful things of your face.
8. Makeup is the fun you have with it in creating different looks to wherever you want to go. And also knowing which product works best for me.
9. A perfect makeup look would be a nice and neat flick eyeliner with a lot of mascara on top and a glossy lip with super fresh skin.
10. Makeup is the ability to bring creativity of the mind onto a flexible canvas. But also it has an ability to help women express themselves and create confidence. Confidence is utterly sexy.
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