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1. One fashion rule you never break – That’s easy, I never wear socks with sandals. Perfect Fashion Look – Fashion look who will never go wrong is black high heels, black trousers, and white classic shirt. At the moment I really enjoy reading Lydia Elise Millen blog. She is so beautiful and with such a great style.
2. What do I like about Fashion – Everything! You get to express your mood and personality in any way you want to. It makes me feel confident and powerful! My fashion style is sassy – full of spirit, lively and bold!
3. Perfect Fashion Look – This is a hard one, I’m not sure how to accurately describe a “perfect” fashion look. Anything reminiscent of perfection for me would have to include an eccentric statement item. This could be a killer pair of grey snakeskin booties with black jeans and t-shirt, coupled with a leather jacket (you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket!). Perhaps, a self-portrait top with loose pants and a contrast-colored crossbody bag. Most importantly, confidence can pull off any look (virtually), deeming it perfect!
4. One fashion rule you never break – I don’t think there isn’t any fashion rule I wouldn’t break. Fashion is about breaking rules, trying new things and making the world your runway. Perfect Fashion Look – My perfect fashion outfit would be a maxi skirt, a bralette, and a cropped bomber jacket. Pair it with a white sneaker and a basket bag. Inspired by this blog whowhatwear.
5. One fashion rule you never break – I actually don’t believe in rules of fashion. I have to say that something I refuse to do, is wearing solid pieces that match exactly to my skin tone because I hate looking naked. Styling Advice – I would tell my younger self “Girl, you don’t have to match everything together.” I always made sure that whatever color shirt I wore, I had the same color shoes and jewelry to match.
6. Perfect Fashion Look – A perfect fashion look to me really has no boundaries, there is no one set of perfect looks. For me, I always think the shoes should be the “out there” part of the outfit such as bright pink suede booties or black and white checkered Vans. Then, I’m all about the simple white tee and jeans, a t-shirt dress or a jumpsuit.
7. What do I like about Fashion – The fashion reveals the beauty inside of us. My style icon in fashion is JIJI HADID. My fashion style is combining soft elegance with cuteness.
8. One fashion rule you never break – If I am completely honest, I have broken many fashion rules because rules are meant to be broken, and I love experimenting with fashion. Perfect Fashion Look – For me, the perfect look is comfortable, classic and trendy. I know classic and trendy are opposites but there are a ton of fun ways to modernize classic looks.
9. One fashion rule you never break – Clothing that is too tight. I really hate the fitted look from top to bottom. I think balance is key, I love a more fitted top with a baggier trouser or vise versa. Perfect Fashion Look – My perfect look is bright and a little messy, but somehow feels thoughtful. Honestly, @jengotch + @emmawatson are my perfect pair, even though they have opposing styles.
10. Fashion is a great way of expressing your self. I like the fact that you can play different roles depending on what you are wearing.
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