How To Style The Most Fabulous Weekend

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion is a form of self-expression. You can make your personality shine through in so many ways, emanate your mood with a variety of colours, and just have so much fun with it. Fashion is art and it?’s so subjective. If you feel good and confident, it will shine!

2. You can never be too dressed up. I rather be overdressed than gives you the opportunity put something on that just makes you feel good. You have the ability to take clothing and do whatever you want with it. Whether you want to make a bold statement, showcase your favorite TV show, or just dress for the weather, it?’s all up to you.

3. Possibility of expressing yourself and making myself feel better and attractive

4. Fashion, the biggest passion of mine is dress. I can never get enough of dresses! Every time I go shopping I buy at least one piece and it doesn’t really matter to me whether it?’s for a night out, casual day or some other special occasion.

5. Fashion is not just in clothing, beauty and outlook. It express you as a person and we breathe and act as individuals. Most people are easily influenced by what the world market to us. Be yourself, live your life and that is real fashion.

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