Lazy Day Outfits or How To Look Stylish with Comfy Clothing Combination

10 Casual outfits for women

1. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have any fashion rules more like certain pieces that I need to stay away from!
2. Always wear clothing that compliments your body! I don’t body shame whatsoever, especially because my body fluctuates like crazy.
3. Never mix gold and silver jewelry.
4. One fashion rule i never break is “There are no rules to fashion.” One of my all time favourite quotes is “Be yourself, for yourself,” and it is fully included in what i choose to wear! When i throw something on in the morning, if i like what i see in the mirror that’s all that matters; and believe me i you believe it yourself, most other’s will as well. Flaunt it how you want it to be depicted and be confident in you!
5. I actually LOVE breaking fashion rules- mixing metals, mixing patterns, mixing vibes…the more unexpected the better.
6. Honestly, I don’t really see “rules” in Fashion.What I can say is, set yourself free from being afraid of trying something new when it comes to Fashion. You just never know what might suit you and how clothes can make you feel.
7. I never ever go against my personality and blindly follow some trend although I might like to observe it. It’s a completely different thing to like and to wear something. I don’t think about common things like your body type, skin tone, etc., I was referring to the personality. Every thing we wear shows who and what we are. that is the rule I will never brake.
8. I like to follow the fashion trends, however I always aim to stay comfortable in what ever I wear. Good fit of the clothing items is important for me.
9. Fashion is all about breaking the rules- go ahead and experiment with your unique sense of style.
10. One fashion I never break is to be comfortable in what I’m wearing.
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