Men’s Fashion – Casual Summer Outfits For Men

10 Instagrammers super casual outfits for men

1. Fashion to me is anything you want to make of it. I’ve seen so many unique styles that I’ve also come to love myself, I’m always eager to learn new things from other people sharing my interest.
2. I think there is not a perfect fashion look, because you have to wear, how you feel, if you feel happy you need to wear some color make you happy and that’s a perfect fashion look for you…a perfect look depend by you!
3. I never stop being true to myself. It really doesn’t matter what’s trending, what matters more to me is that, what I wear, must always be a reflection of my spirit. It has to feel good and then…look good ….
4. fashion is the challenges with can of items to be able to dress well.
5. fashion is the many ways one can express themself without ever saying a word.
6. Important for me to feel comfortable within the style you are assigned to. I can not judge styles, as taste is relative, but I prefer a casual style, a style that can be used at any age.
7. .I’m into suits so a perfect fashion look to me is a slim fit 3 piece suit, black Oxford shoes are the best, vintage ties are life. Basher hats completes a dandy.
8. Follow the trends to match them to my daily style. I am inspired to learn to combine the clothes that I like the most and adapt them to my style.
9. One of the rules about my style is surely to keep your shirt inside your pants, and you’re probably asking why. Well, simply for an aesthetic reason. In my opinion, a shirt worn out of your pants will never look too good, and other than that, for a chic look or other occasion, this choice may result a winning one to give away a good impression from the beginning. Another rule that i like to follow, for a “casual” style is to make lapels on your pants or jeans.
10. Being you ! Fashion for me is all about expessing yourself. It is your personality, your character, your feelings. It is a summary of you that you communicate to others without having contact.
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    mohit tuteja

    how cool outfits!will definitely gonna try them this summer.thankyou so much for sharing such pictures and tips.

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