Men’s Summer Style Inspiration!

4 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Being unique, not following trends, and putting outfits together that not many other would think of. Be yourself! Stop dressing like the next person and stay unique in your own way. The only person you can be is you.

2. What you can not miss in fashion and always be well with yourself and style,fashion world, and knowing that there are people who work there and who are in the crowd for you.

3. Be different to be visible. perfect fashion look should be unic and special , so it depends on where you are ,for axample if am with friends outside in morning or afternoon id prefer to wear visible pink shirt and and jean with white sneakers and black or pink hat if with friends somwhere at night then i wear more colors white big jacket and a golden shirt inside i like lightning clothes as well and blue or white jeans .

4. Whatever style you feel that for you, no matter what wear it with confidence.experimenting with a new outfit, the excitement of putting it together.

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