Most Magical Makeup Ideas for Women

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Makeup


1. You can be as creative as you like with makeup, which is what I always try to get across in my instagram posts.

2. Perfect makeup look is always something light and natural and glowing like a natural kissed by the sun look like how YouTube star Alyssa forever has done on her channel my fav look.

3. Makeup can be really creative. I can use the same product and create completely different types of look. Compare to fashion styling, makeup has the power to change a person’s look in a more noticeable way. I like to do make overs where I can challenge myself for an opposite look that I never tried before.

4. The ability to create art and enhance women’s beauty by exploring colours and products.

5. Perfect make-up must have the right nuances. a well-toned make-up is certainly more beautiful than a little nuanced. moreover, false eyelashes give a lot of intensity to the eyes.

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