Rock Your Sporty Looks With Beard- Lion Beard Khan

Lion Beard Khan


1. Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in Street style fashion?

Answer: My name is Lion Beard Khan (LBK) and I’m based in NYC. In regards to how I got interested in street style fashion as a teenager, I’ve always like street style culture, because anything goes. Street style is about being cool, comfortable and nonconforming to other people’s opinions. In other words, I wear what I wanna wear and no one can tell me I’m not cool! I’m street cultured. The Original!

2. Is fashion blogging your profession or hobby?

Answer: Hobby, but I don’t mind if it turns into a profession.

3. Your current style icon.

Answer: Myself.

4. One fashion rule you never break.

Answer: Wear what I wanna wear. I never break that one.



5. What are your favorite designer and brands you like to shop?

Answer: I don’t have any favorite designer. I’ll buy them all as long as I can afford them!

6. Describe your style and who influenced you to pursue fashion.

Answer: My style is simple and clean. In regards to who influenced me is myself.

7. One recent trend that you love the most.

Answer: Beards! I don’t care if it’s trending. Beards are the best.



8. What is that one thing you never leave your house without?

Answer: My underwear.

9. What advice do you want to give to other bloggers?

Answer: Be original and don’t care about what others say and think.

10. Which city do you consider most fashionable?

Answer: NYC

11. Things you first notice on anyone’s outfit.

Answer: Shoes.




12. One thing you splurge on.

Answer: Shoes and food!

13. What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

Answer: Shoes!



14. What is your must-have accessory and perfume?

Answer: For me, my must-have accessory is a hat/beanie. In regards to perfume, OUD is what I wear.

15. What is that one thing you would do if you have all the money and resources to do it?

Answer: After taking care of myself and family I would help people in need as much as possible.


For more fashion inspiration, visit his Instagram and stay tuned with the latest trends.
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