Simple Makeup Tips For Women

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Practice makes perfect, also always try and challenge yourself with a new style or a new tool.
2. The ability to transform into something flawless.
3. Most of the makeup is the possibility to develop your creativity and achieve whatever you imagine whether it’s on your face or body paint.
4. Makeup is the way one can transform and express themselves.
5. Makeup is just so much fun! love how confident and beautiful it can make a woman feel.
6. Perfect makeup look would be a natural one. You don’t need an over the top look to make an impact and always a splash of color when you want to go glam, whether it’s lips or eyes
7. A lot of people would give the advice to not stay in your comfort zone. However, it is to be your authentic self. Some people like to play it safe because that’s who they are. Some people like to overdo it and some other people like to follow other people. It doesn’t matter which one you are as long as you are yourself.