Simple And Stylish Casual Wear For Women

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Casual Wear is versatile. You can wear casual jeans with a bright color T-shirt or a casual dress with nice sneakers and still look good without doing too much.
2. Casual wear expresses who you are. Very laid back and go with the flow type of girl. Being an ex-athlete and music artist causal wear was a must have!
3. Everyone has their own personality, style. It’s unique, no one person’s style is wrong. Be yourself!
4. Be Confident and Comfortable in what you choose to wear! And, when in doubt, wear black!
5. Casual wear is definitely how you would describe your everyday going-out style. It gives you the chance to be creative with your style without sacrificing comfort.
6. The perfect casual look would be wearing a loose plain color tee, black/ white/ denim jeans, and a cute pair of sandals or wedges.
7. Don’t stop believing in yourself. No matter how hard life gets. Failures are great, they just mean you’re getting close to your goals.
8. Fashion, you make the rules for yourself, regard fashion as an expression of one’s self. Fashion is art. We are all uniquely made in different ways so I don’t think there should be any fashion rule that must be strictly followed. It all depends on my mood and countenance so I may or may not break fashion rules lol.
9. The perfect casual look could always be a simple pencil skirt or some high waist pants with graphic tees, or even button-ups.
10. Strive to make my everyday look to express my personality. In casual wear hope to never be embarrassed about the outfit, no matter who you see.
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