Street Style Looks That You Need This Season

You can easily combinate street style pieces to create an elegant and chic business look. Of course, the combination depends on the type of business that you are doing. I am going to describe two kinds of spring outfit that can be worn in an office. First outfit would be jeans with some loose shirt in warm tones (colors like peach, light rose, light blue etc.). In the springtime, you have the freedom to put some accessories in stronger colors (oche, purple, blue, military green, coral red etc.). That accessories can be bags, scarf, jewelry and of course sunglasses. Concerning to footwear, we suggest high heels. If You prefer skirt instead of pants you have beautiful combination to wear in your office. For example White T-Shirt ( must have ), some accordion midi skirt, enrich it with a belt, a little personal bag, and a business bag if you need one. For footwear, we suggest sandals with block heel. Regarding accesories, keep it simple, some trendy earrings and an indispensable detail of every business woman-watch.






I’d say, combine a skirt, shorts or a cute short spring dress with a cool jacket (can be leather or denim) and some cool boots and there you have your look that reveals a little more but also looks super cool and not trashy.






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