How To Style Outfits In Spring

My spring colors are darker blues and blacks to floral prints on the sunnier days and of course I’m always pairing it with a nice spring hat.






There are so many body types and as fashion stylist I have to know what works best for my client’s look. Outfit #1 works for any body type denim is an all around go to for anyone when it comes to spring it works well with everyone and pinstripe with flowy pants also is a must for any body type. Look #2 I also recommend for all body types because the dress is flowy so it’s not showing a lot so a lot of my thicker women definitely can pull this off because it’s doesnt show much of the figure just a lot of arm. Outfit #3 works more for my average height/ taller women because it shows off the leg in a graceful way especially with a cute heel or sandal. Outfit #4 I feel looks best on a smaller or average frame women due to all the floral colors and patterns and the material of the blazer you want to be able to move in the blazer and it may be too tight or form fitting for my thicker women.






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