The Top Blogger Looks For Casual Wear

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Never be afraid of the rules! Keep trying, keep changing, keep challenging yourself and your creativity.

2. I would describe a perfect fashion look as a person’s signature style… exploded. Blake Lively’s look at this year’s MET Gala is a great example of this obsessed! It’s all of the things that you usually see her in, crystalized into one gorgeous gown.

3. Embrace your own style, work it and enjoy it. Simplicity is key. I never overdo anything

4. Creating a look that uniquely identifies you as an individual.Being fashionable is not always about following the latests trends; oftentimes, bandwagons die off as fast as they begin. What’s more important is having a collection of wardrobe that best suits your everyday lifestyle.

5. To me, the most important aspect of fashion is to have fun, explore your creativity and be your authentic self, so there is no perfect look! I applaud anyone who is original and wants to be themselves.

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