Trendy Casual Work Outfit for Women

5 Instagramers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Comfortable in what you have on. Fashion is an art form that?’s open to many interpretations and opinions so it?’s important to make sure you always stay in-tuned with what you like and how YOU feel in what you have on.

2. When trying or buying new clothes always have an open mind and don’t be scared to mix and match.

3. Casual Wear interests me because it is a way to still be stylish yet comfortable and you can always dress it up if you are feeling the need for some extra pizzaz!!

4. The best accessory to any outfit or any makeup look is confidence. If something looks good to you, even if it breaks all fashion rules you know of, do it but do it with confidence. If you have enough confidence you can pull off almost any look.

5. That would be not to change any of the natural features like hair color, shape of eyebrows and use less make up. Also trust your real inner style, and not the mainstream trend.

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