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5 Instagrammers Who Rocks The Style With Casual Wear


1. My tip is always be true to yourself in fashion. If it makes you FEEL confident, then you will look confident! And confidence looks good!

2. Fashion is inspiring, goes beyond the rules and flees. Never wear. In fashion, there are sometimes more rigid rules than others. I created a personal style, and I think to move away from “fashion faux pas”. The only rule I don’t break is a lipstick and a cloud of perfume, this dress the beauty of a woman.

3. My preferred fashion look when I’m photographing people is a summer casual look. Saying that I mean for women a sun dress or a romper. And for guys a nice slim button down shirt and nice shorts.

4. Fashion is that I can create a personality just by puting together different clothes and accessories . Fashion is an art, you design your look!

5. Fashion is the fact that I can have a full blown conversation without saying one word. My clothing, from color to accessories, to make-up and hair, all speak without me verbalizing my thoughts into words. Creativity is limitless in fashion, which gives me the opportunity to re-discover, re-interrupt, and re-invent a greater me, everyday.

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