Women fashion for summer 5 best outfits

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. I choose my clothes according to my mood and personal style.

2. Fashion allows me to create and craft images of myself, expressing my identity to other people. Forget about following fashion, wearing clothes you like, rather than clothes everyone else likes will make you look better and feel happier.

3. My perfect fashion look would be described as the ones found on the show Gossip Girl.

4. Never throw away any clothes that are out of this session / are more fashionable. Do not forget, fashion changes continuously and sometimes even … she goes and she comes.

5. I donot have any fashion rules, I am bold, outgoing and daring… In fashion ill try anything ONCE!

6. I cant really say I never break any fashion rule. I always try to find a balance with every outfit to create a winning image.After all rules are made to be broken.

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