10+ Accessories Every Girl Has On Her Wish-List

6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Accesory Styles


1. Observe and be inspired by the surrounding nature, people and professions that are not connected with fashion. To touch everything living, real, not fake.

2. Be yourself. Do not hesitate to express who you are, what you love. Your passion leads you to create your own trend. Styling is not about the physical material you wear but it’s your personality and your thoughts what really matters. Let what you wear represent who you are.

3. Accept your style as it is because that is what makes your individuality and uniqueness.

4. Jewellery trends are so diverse and the ability to be so tangible and creative is the part of fashion that inspires me i love that it can be both timless and classic as well as everchanging.

5. Own your style. Be bold be you.

6. Never, never have any fear to be different. Stay unique and that is your personal style!

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