10 Beautiful Hairstyle Updos

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. A healthy hair is the best hairstyle you could ever wear. Don’t be a slave to trends. Save money by combining expensive items with sale-rack stuffs can be fun, be creative! And most importantly, be confident in yourself.

2. In hair, I’m always interested in new color trends and highlighting techniques. I love custom colors and gradients!

3. A perfect hairstyle for me would be natural and defined curls.One tip id like to give is to always be yourself when it comes to fashion and style do what you want and what makes you happy! Have fun with it.

4. My perfect hairstyle would be messy chignon.There’s never wrong with what your wearing- keep that in mind.

5. Dear younger self: You the only one responsible for your happiness! Regardless of what’s “in” or “cool”- if it doesn’t suit you, don’t force yourself to like it!

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