10 Easy hairstyles for Women

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I absolutely LOVE a fun hairstyle! You don’t always have to add heat onto your hair to have a fabulous hair style. My favorite quick and easy hair tip is to put your hair into 2 French braids or 4 single braids overnight. Wake up let them lose and TA-DA! Perfectly curly hair without any damage. Or if your’e like me dye your hair a fun color that matches your personality.

2. I think that choosing the right hairstyle is important and it can help to express my personal style. I enjoy experimenting different looks; plaits, ponytails, buns. Sometimes I’m impressed by how much people’s look can change depending on the hairstyle and haircut. I personally think it’s one of the main points and the hairstyle should go with the clothes. It’s useless to wear a nice dress if the hair isn’t kept well.

3. I would tell my younger self to be comfortable, so many times I look back and see the discomfort in my face. Always be comfy in anything your wear.

4. My perfect hair style would either be sleek straight or with loose waves. Selena Gomez has done many of these styles and they always look so beautiful on her.Any things from curls to loose waves, I love trying in my hair.

5. The changes you can have just by changing hair styles and colors ; you become a new person , the feeling of starting fresh .

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