10 Genius Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Day of the Month

5 Instagrammers Who Know sAbout Casual Style


1. Express yourself unapologetically. Wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. Let the world know you have arrived and remember you’re never fully dressed with out a smile.

2. Never sacrifice comfort! I’m always cold, so I always make sure to have a jacket or sweater that goes with my outfit. Also, as a musician, I sometimes spend long hour standing on stage, talking with people after the show, etc, so I’m super picky about my heels. They have to be a great fit and easy to walk in! Confidence is the best accessory!! No matter what you’re wearing, if you wear it with confidence that is half the battle won?if you love your look and are feeling it, other people will be feeling it too!

3. I like feeling my best and presenting myself as such. So fashion to me is more about making myself feel confident.Try to be creative when deciding your style and put your own flair to it.

4. Fashion is very personal and with it we can develop our style. I love it because everyone can show their culture, their stories and personalities only with a combination of clothes. Be confident in your life! Our time isn’t easy and what’s different is consider ugly! Do not listen to that but live your life because Life too short to be sitting around miserable.

5. Don’t take yourself so serious! Have fun. Sometimes I feel like we overthink everything at least I know I do at times. Life is too short, we don’t have to be perfect with fashion. Take risks because those are the ones you always remember!

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