10 Makeup Tips Every Girl Needs

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Makeup


1. How when applied correctly, makeup can create the most amazing transformations.The perfect make up look is when the person accents their best features without hiding what makes them beautiful.

2. I have loved makeup since i was a kid and have always playes with makeup over anything else.I love a bold but blended look with a nice cat eye liner .

3. I love creating mood looks. And I love being able to wake up and decide who I want to be every day and makeup can help me do that. I can communicate so much with no words just by adding a little color to my face and that’s incredible!

4. I interest in everything about makeup! You can experiment with everything and figure out what is better for you and also create different looks that make you feel and look wonderful.

5. Makeup has always interested me, even as a child I would play with my mum and do her makeup. I think that what I love the most is just how far you can go with makeup and the amount of support you can get through it, even from complete strangers. There are no limits with makeup whether it being pretty and sleek or gory with sfx. You can fully transform yourself or someone else and also it can 100% help your self esteem during those days that you need it.

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