10 Romantic Hair Ideas To Try In This Season

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1. What i love most about hair styling is tha fact that you can create something to increase the outer beauty of the customer , make him see and feel your art through your hands and your work ; the joy i bring to someone when i do their hairs , be in contact with them . I’m very passionate about it .

2. I´am obsessed with long hair, last year I experienced a disaster and I had to cut it bob style. Many people said that it favored me but I didn´t like it. I prefer to have long mane with which to be able to try different products being at the moment the coconut oil one of my essentials. Also with long hair you can experiment with several looks from a fake bob to a braid.

3. Hairstyle is the way it reflects yourself and your personality so heavily, and how a hairstyle can change your mood. Let’s be honest, when you walk out of the salon with your new hairstyle, there is nothing that can bring you down. Its also amazing how with just one change in hairstyle, people perceive and interact with you differently, just because the first impression you give is different.

4. The natural hair revolution has completely given me life. I’ve learned to love my curls just way they are, and I wear them proudly. I still go for the bone straight every once in a while too.Love and Let Love. That’s it and that’s all. The only tip anyone of us will ever need. When we decide to boldly love ourselves just as we are, we learn how to love others properly. Love will change the world, starting with self.

5. Hair has always been one of my stronger suits. Luckily due to my mother and father I have always had naturally strong and full hair. So exploring with different hair styles and hair colors has always been a benefit that not everyone I know has, and I never take that for granted. The ability to be feel and look different is something that really inspires me to try different outfits, or hair textures. Never be afraid to try something different, especially this day in age, if you don’t have very versatile hair you can always invest in extensions or wigs. Take that leap, you might like a look you never thought you would try.

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