10 Seriously Chic Vintage Hairstyles

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Hairstyle


1. I honestly thing any hair style can be perfect, as long as the hair is healthy. That’s why I always go for the blue-black hair, it hides the imperfections very well. Of course you also need to take care of the hair properly with a nice care routine.

2. Another advice would be, one day you will be bored of off-shoulder tops. I use to love off-shoulder tops or dresses a lot; I would have denied it back then doe.

3. The perfect hairstyle look for me would be shiny, perfectly straightened, V cut, long hair. Nothing makes me happier. I´m always struggling to reach it.

4. When it comes to hair, am quite diverse with my 4c Afro-kinky hair. Although, protective hairstyle is always a safer option for me like a wig, crotchet braids, braids (so, let me pause here) There is a lot of controversy about braids being a protective hairstyle because of your edges; my answer is a Yes. Edges are safe.

5. My interest in naturally curly hair began a few years ago when I had first seen other women on my Instagram feed who were of the same nationality as I have beautiful curl patterns that were similar to my hair type.

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