10 So Pretty Hairstyles For Women

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Hairstyle


1. Simplicity is key, when I was younger I wore crazy colors, weird patterned blazers, and busy jewelry. Although I was super cute, I really love the simple look.

2. Being able to transform a person’s look, make one feel good and confident again is what interests me to become a hairstylist. The feeling of satisfaction from client’s compliments makes me want to achieve even more in this career. This has a lot to do with my upbringing too! Both my parents are hairstylists and they own a hair salon. When I was young, I will always stay there after school. Hence, I was brought up in an environment where I was always surrounded by hairstylists and seeing the beautiful hair that they’ve created fascinates me.

3. Hairstyles are like the cherry on top to an outfit! It’s always so fun to change it up, colorful hair and unique haircuts are so trendy right now! For me I love that I can switch up the length, texture, and color of my hair overnight due to wearing wigs! I’m so thankful that I discovered wigs, they help to inform others on my mood. For example, if I’m feeling brave and bold I might wearing my pink shoulder length wig, and if I feel more youthful and flirty I will wear my curly long brown wig. With hairstyles I’m always willing to try something new, as a black woman we are told that a lot things in fashion don’t suit us or is a big no no. The old saying “black woman can’t have blonde hair” that statement is false and motivates me to erase that way of thinking, actually I aspire to have a wig in very color known to man! That’s a lot of wigs but you get the point .

4. For me, trying out different hairstyles and braiding gives me a chance to express myself creatively.

5. Seeing amazing transformations and creativity and also seeing the final beauty results,my perfect hairstyle would be the half up, half down bun. no inspiration I have just always loved this hairstyle.

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