10 So Pretty Updo Wedding Hairstyles

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. On days when I’m not working I let my hair air-dry to give it a little break. I usually wear it down in loose curls or half-up in a twisted knot.Again, effortless. That I-just-rolled-out-of-bed kind of hair, its textured, voluminous, flowing in the wind, but still natural looking.

2. A perfect hair style for me is a classic messy bun, that “I woke up like this look” is my go to. Or some sassy & fun pony tails, as long as you dress fly & fresh they won’t even notice your hair drama. Find whats best for you, body shape, skin color and the type weather you live in, they all connect.Comfort is the number one tip.

3. The perfect hair look for me would definitely be a nice beach wave hair style. I love that effortless ‘I woke up like this’ look with wavy beach hair! French model, Noemie Lenoir is the ultimate hair goals and hair inspo – her waves are tighter but they are natural and gorgeous!

4. You and do what you like and feel good. Do not give moral to negative comments that let you down.

5. Hairstyle is how well it fits and frames a particular face and as well as how unique and yet simple it is.A perfect hairstyle look is one that fits and frames the face perfectly,is easy to maintain,it’s unique, and simple, yes I do have someone that inspires me,she is also a hairstylist,whenever she releases a new hairstyle am always star struck she is no other than the flitchy rich tresses.

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