10 Special Occasion Hairstyles

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Hairstyle


1. Easy summer waves are my favorite. I have two toddlers so I don’t have time to straighten my hair and waves last longer.Perfect hair fits your look – it can be a great messy bun for a day of errands or some classic waves for dinner with friends.

2. Your features are what should be highlighted by what you wear. Just because something is “in” or trendy, doesn’t mean its right for you. Clothes should never be the highlight – they should highlight you. Also, don’t be afraid of wearing various sizes. I think we don’t realize that brand sizes can vary a lot – don’t be stuck on a number as it doesn’t define you.I think a long bob is always in style and avoid the bangs unless you have straight hair. I love a long bob that is styled straight with fresh blonde highlights. Its light and classic.

3. For me, a perfect Hair Style Look is well blow dried open hair with a lot of volume, bounce and no specific parting (center/sides).

4. As the purple haired mom I am a huge fan of color! I love bright and vivid colors. Personally I had many different colors before deciding that purple was definitely my favorite. I love the new ways stylists are experimenting with color!

5. Silly straight hair with a middle part.Be yourself.

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