10 Spring Outfit Ideas For Women

5 Instagrammers Who Know sAbout Casual Style


1. You don’t have to have a perfect body to be able to wear stylish clothes that represent who you are.Be bold and be yourself – especially now, in the social media era, you are the trendsetter.

2. Elegance, edge, and androgyny, like the transitional look. In NYC, you live so many different lives in one day. I’m always running from an audition, to meetings, then a date. So its always amazing when I find a piece that looks good with a flat, a heel, and a sneaker.

3. Confidence! If you don’t carry yourself with confidence it can ruin the whole look! If lady gaga can wear a meat suit with confidence and make it unique/fashionable that just says it all.Art, it’s a way of expressing all your ideas and inspirations by putting them into a visual form that transcends into your day to day looks. It’s self expression at its finest.

4. Perfect Fasihon for me is talking about street casual fashion but sometime korean fashion style.

5. Fashion is a world of wonder where anything is possible, I love the creativity that flows through the industry, whether you are a designer, a model, a photographer or a stylist. You are able to be whomever you want to be, but you can also express your true self through what you are wearing.

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