10 Stunning Makeup Hacks to Enhance Your Beauty At The Prom


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1. When everything matches perfectly you are good to go! Everything should be blended the right way and the eyeshadow and lipstick colour should match as well. I am a huge fan of a full face makeup, which means that I need contour, highlight, false lashes, … It’s more work but it is worth it because I love to spend hours with creating something new.

2. A perfect makeup look for me would have a light brown eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer. A light pink or brown lipstick always looks good and not over the top highlighter.Don’t put too much makeup on so you don’t look like yourself. It is best to wear only a little bit of makeup so you look like yourself because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

3. Variety. I can be gentle and passionate only by changing my make-up. In everyday life, I prefer a calm, invisible make-up. At events, photos, holidays, I like experiments with images. For every day I like to highlight the eyes or eyebrows, or lips, but just that it is not too provocative. Do not like a lot of foundation. I like the natural look of the skin.

4. You can be very creative with hair it’s almost the same as with make-up. As a make-up artist I just loooooove being creative with everything I do. I personally like braids. All kinds of it; pipe braids, braids with flowers or glitters for the festivals or even boxer braids. They can all you give you a very different look.

5. Be yourself, wear what you want to wear and be proud of it! My idea of the perfect makeup look includes many different colours and tones to make it stand out and have some contrast and brightness.

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