10 Super Sexy Looks And Makeup Tips

5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Makeup


1. I’ve always used the Corrective makeup style since the the start of my career because the result i always want to achieve when i do makeup is for my work to look effortless & natural.

2. Try glowy, neutral colored eyeshadows with a good lash and nude lips.

3. For me what makes a makeup perfect is the ability to look natural using nude colors,for inspiration i don’t have really an inspiration i’m used to be inspired by many friends who do the makeup artist

4. Makeup is the art of how you can transform certain facial features like making eyes appear darker by adding eyeliner or slimming down a wide nose by contouring. Plus there are so many looks to create.

5. The thing that I love most about makeup is that there are no real rules. I get full creative control to express myself through my art, it also works as a great stress reliever!

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