12 Ideas Of Makeup For Women To Try

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Always be yourself ,don’t imitate anyone ,you’re soooo beautiful the way you are. Always mix and match in your clothes ,trust me almost 90% of public figures wear fake items so do not let them to cheat and you dream to be like them.A perfect makeup is a natural self confidence for every beautiful woman ,a good foundation that suit the color and type of skin ,a natural concealer that does not make wrinkles ,a good mascara or lashes for events ,a black kohl that contour our arabian eyes ,a little eye shadow ,simple contour and highlight ,sexy lipstick.

2. I love make up and experimenting with different colours that’s why I start my own makeup line.

3. Makeup is the ability to match your look with an outfit. Here, I value the flexibility to e.g. match colors to the color of my outfit.

4. Some styling advice to my younger self would be.. layer more and start shopping at the Buckle sooner! I got all my sisters old clothes that they didnt fit into anymore, and only sometimes got new clothes but it was from cheap places like Walmart. I got my style shopping at the Buckle!

5. Makeup allows me to express my creativity using a person’s face or body as my canvas. Makeup gives us the ability to change our physical appearance, daily. You can become a completely different person with the use of makeup. I use makeup to capture an emotion , a feeling or a thought. With the use of makeup I am able to showcase a person’s inner beauty on their outer physical shell.

6. A perfect makeup look is when your inner beauty shines brighter than your outer beauty! My makeup inspiration is Rihanna, she slays a red lip and highlights like no other. She doesn’t follow the trend, she sets the trend!

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