12 Romantic Hair And Makeup Ideas To Try

6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. Being bold and different. I love to switch up wigs and play with different colors like blonde and red and i love curls.Be brave and own your look. Be comfortable in your skin and appearance.

2. Nothing makes you look classy and sexy as embracing your body shape. With this you will know what to do and what to avoid,perfect hair style as the one that compliments your face shape.

3. Anything and everything, The fact that I can tell my story through my hair is everything.I really, really love my crown. I try to protect it as much as I can. The beauty of natural hair is that you can switch from rocking a weave, to braids and cornrows.

4. The colorations, but not too much, I love to play with the reflections, sometimes some small reflection of light effect sunburn and the look is changed, people who have long hair and who know how to enjoy it, play with styles and try full of hairstyle, I have long hair but I do not often have fun trying new hairstyles.

5. A perfect hairstyle look is one that brings out your best facial features and personality. My inspiration for this is all the women who are not afraid to be bold in their hairstyle choices and who understand that beauty exudes from within.

6. I love variety but it has to be something subtle. I’m not a fan of too many colours when it comes to hairstyles. I really don’t have an inspiration as I try to be creative. You are beautiful just the way you are; don’t let anyone make you feel less.Carry your physique with pride!

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