14 Outfits That Are Crazy Cozy

7 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Casual wear


1. Don’t be afraid of showing your spirits! At first, people ridiculed me for being a cosplayer. They thought I was a weirdo. But once I have achieved something and proved to them that it makes sense, society has changed its opinion about me.

2. The advice for the reader is “to read between the lines!” You can not take everything literally: every word must be seen through your own eyes, I’m a creative and i suggest to use fantasy.

3. Stop worrying about the opinion of others, girl! Stop trying to fit in the trend and be yourself. And start wearing skirts and dresses because you look really stunning in them.

4. Everyone’s expression of their personality within their fashion is what interests me the most. I love how 2 people can wear the same outfit but it will completely different on each body due to their self expression. An outfit doesn’t make us, we make the outfit.

5. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Do you boo! It’s one way to express myself and a way to really show my personality.

6. Something that is attractive enough to turn your head. One doesn’t need to go over the top in dressing up and matching everything etc. If you look neat and carry your style with panache, you are making a fashion statement already. Most important aspect of a perfect fashion look is that it may not be perfect yet look complete.

7. My interest in fashion is being able to express your ideas in an outfit like wearing an art piece.

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    Himanshi Lydia SIngh

    Hey, Great article. ALl Fashionistas featured look pretty comfortable with their look.

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