14 Super Cool Fashion Ideas for kids- Dresses for Kids

7 Instagrammers About Kids Fashion


1. My advice would be to follow the fashion trends, always be update, read a lot and search so you can know everything going on in this industry.

2. Not to experiment with my look that hard. The hair will never grow the same . Natural skincare and hair care. Love yourself natural. And you will open yourself to the world.Follow the people who teaches you. Who will shelf you to find yourself-style. Avoid the ones who are changing/breaking your indie nicness .

3. Ensure a properfit, feel comfortable in your outfit , don’t judge others and dare.

4. Make sure you color match correctly, strips and poke dots never goes together unless you are try to really make a statement

5. Gianni fashion interests are just basic fun at this point in his toddler years .A perfect fashion look to Gianni at this in age is Confort,make sure each item of clothing fits and you enjoy putting on .

6. Don’t follow a fashion fad or wear something just because you want to fit in, everyone else is or if you don’t feel comfortable or like it etc. It adversely affects your happiness with yourself or your self/body confidence.

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