2018 Spring Trend Report: Best Outfit Ideas You must Try

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Either accessories or clothes. I always look forward to either investing in an outfit that says wow’ or accessories that say wow’. Never at the same time.Dare to try something new! A big gain from daring to try new is the satisfaction that comes with daring to do them.

2. It’s hard to find only one as their are many rules I never break, or try not to break but if I have to choose one. I would probably say don’t wear dark undergarments with white clothing that show through.

3. Fashion reveals personality, mood, emotions. You look at someone’s outfit and totally understand which message is sent through the clothes/accesories.Always choose comfortable footwear. Quality matters. As well as appearance. Also look for an inspiration, but don’t copy. Stay unique.

4. Fashion is an escape to express yourself. People collaborate interesting outfits that you didn’t expect to see and it symbolizes part of who they are!Dress to impress yourself! At the end of the day the only person you have is yourself. If you aren’t confident and loving who you are, or what you’re in then how is anyone else going too?

5. Creativity used in fashion, the idea of combing different clothes together to create an enthralling outfit, suitable for a specific season or even to feel comfortable, in addition to the design of some clothes.

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