3+ Cool Hair Ideas to Try in 2018

5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Hairstyle


1. Free, funky (as in style not smell), fresh, and full of life! Hairstyle is in interesting topic for me because sometimes I get questioned as to why do not wear a hijab like other Muslim women? And my answer always is – Benazir Bhutto (first female prime minister of Pakistan) said it best “the best hijab is in the eyes of the beholder.”

2. I love to switch things up. From popping curls, to sleek straight hair to box braids. I enjoy seeing my hair transform into different looks. Natural hair is very versatile.

3. Honestly free flowing, simple and cute are everything I look for in a perfect hairstyle.

4. I love the creativity it allows me to have. My clients come to me with an idea and I love to bring it to life.

5. I love being a hair stylist because I get to transform hair. Hair is like my canvas and I get to create. I can style, I can cut, I can color, etc. Most of all I get to make people happy, make them feel good! My main focus right now are weddings and events! I just love being a part of “the special day”! All the emotions, all the adrenaline!

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