5 Amazing Hairstyles for Party and Holidays


5 Instagrammers are rocking their Hairstyles


1. Elegance and simplicity is always the way to go. I probably would make sure it’s wavy and always moisturised.

2. Natural, hair care, in harmony with facial features.

3. During my childhood I didn’t like my hair even if I straightened them. People always loved my hair but even knowing that, I couldn’t help myself to hate them and always compared them to the other girls’s.So if I could meet my younger self I’d like to tell her : love yourself because nothing is wrong with you! You’re beautiful the way you are so keep moving and feel free to be who you truly want to be!

4. Hair interest me in many different ways. I started out doing makeup, I loved the creativity behind it. I love the hustle and bustle of working on set or in a salon. So I automatically took a liking to hair the more I was around it. You can get inspiration for hair anywhere, a flower on your daily walk, a coffee cup or in my case makeup. There are so many different avenues you can take with hair. So many things to do with it and so many new things constantly coming up it’s a never ending cycle of evolving education.

5. I love haircare! I feel like if you take care of your hair, your hairstyle will be that much better. There’s noting like rocking amazing waves or curls knowing it’s not going to damage your locks! Having long, blonde, color-treated hair, it is so important for me to use products that add to my style as well as keep my hair safe whether it’s wave spray with IB protectant or light-weight shine oils to bring life to my curl not weigh them down.

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