5 Awesome Casual Outfits You Need to Copy This Weekend

5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on casual wear


1. My interests in fashion go more towards romantic, soft, sweet, whimsical, yet sexy. Anything that makes you feel like your in a dream. That’s why working with surreal photographers makes up my favorite collaborations. Every piece and detail of the outfit is there for a specific reason. I like to tell a story.

2. If I’m honest with you- I like breaking fashion rules! I don’t like most fashion rules, I think they are made to be broken. If it feels good- it looks good.

3. Pleaseeeee dont give away that mommy jeans and the gucci jumper that you love, they will be back in 2018! I miss them.

4. I always have to wear something combined, like makeup, bah, sneakers.

5. Keeping short length hair, I like looking taller than my actual height so making hairstyles that don’t cover the neck area give me a good day.

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