5 Best Outfit Ideas To Try This Spring

5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. I think fashion is more than the way you dress or look like. Fashion is a way of communication. Sometimes you can understand a lot about someone just taking a look on their clothes, haircut, make up. You can tell where they come from, what kind of music they like, or a little bit about the personality. Basically is a glimpse of yourself that is open to everybody.

2. I love materials from which clothes were once made. I love the invoice of materials and patterns. I pay special attention to finishes, pearls.

3. Be confident in your outfit.

4. I love being able to feel like I am up on all the trends.I especially love when the trends are super comfy! For example, I am in love with the cropped boyfriend jeans look at the moment. Yes, I know. Boyfriend jeans arenot super fancy, but they are extremely cute for every day wear! Not to mention, extremely comfortable!

5. I love the art of it. To see somebodies inner mind displayed so openly in a shoot or on a runway-it is a true display of vulnerability. That is what I love, the confidence to let your heart show to the world.

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