5 Colorful Black Girl-Approved Hairstyles Giving Us Spring Fever

5 Instagrammers are rocking their Hairstyles


1. I would describe a perfect hairstyle look as one that should suit your face shape. Once you know that, you’ll never go wrong aye! I am inspired by Kelly Rowland mostly and a mix of Rihanna

2. I think I would love to tell my younger self to pay a little more attention to how she looks. I was quite the bookworm and I could care less what I had on as long as it fit. I’d definitely tell my younger self to put in some more effort.

3. I have always thought that nice hair is important first thing people look at is from the neck up and hair is key

4. I love being able to try different colors and lengths. Wigs are my faves!

5. Long Sew In For Fall And My Big Natural Puff During The Summer Or Maybe All Protective Styles

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