5 Insanely Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Prom You Must Try

5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on makeup


1. Makeup perfect for me, which is just a real beauty, without many effects, just to highlight what we already have the best.

2. Colors! Glow! Because I know if the woman or man have very colourful and glow he or she is more confident! And first if you want do do good makeup you must feel good without makeup.

3. The fact you express yourself by creating different looks, whether that be festival styles or a classic red lip with bold eyeliner.

4. I love how creative it is and how there are no rules! Being given the tools and freedom to create anything that comes to mind is so liberating!

5. I would say stop trying to follow the crowd and impress people, just find your own style and wear what makes you feel confident.

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