5 Makeup Looks That Will Make You the Belle of the Ball At Prom


5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on makeup


1. I love how people can express and change there look through a skill as makeup really it is art for the face. I am crazy obsessed with highlighter .

2. Anything natural to enhance natural beauty, no to hide it and to make one unrecognizable. I also love grandmas tricks- oh they knew how to care for themselves using natural stuff. Mother nature has a lot for us- I try to discover what is it.

3. For me perfect make up is a natural make up.

4. For makeup we love organic styles that focus on healthy skin with pops of color like pinks/corals/reds.

5. Makeup in my opinion is achieved when you can combine the graphic design that I have in mind as a photographer with the professional technique of makeup artist who collaborates on the project enhancing the characteristics of the subject.

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