5 Trendy Hairstyles That You Will Love

5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Hairstyle


1. Big and full curls are my favorite hair style. My hair already grows outward so I love to style it to its fullest potential. It’s how I like to embrace my texture and its capabilities.

2. Honestly free flowing, simple and cute are everything I look for in a perfect hairstyle.

3. Colors! I have an addiction when it comes to changing up my hair color. I’m currently in the prozess of becoming a redhead again. But my favorite color so far has definitely been green.

4. The perfect hairstyle for me is when my hair is healthy but still colored, getting out of bed and just mess around with my hair, most of the times after 3 daysOf washing my hair I have the perfect curls .

5. Being a Hairstylist I cannot say I have one specific interest. I love it all from the curls, cuts, color, etc. So many endless possibilities!

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