6 Elegant Outfits You Want To Copy Right Now

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Fashion makes me feel alive. Like to move with new fashion.

2. To always have a perfect fashion look you should work on your self, do some exercise, work out to look fitted, above all work on your skill, your catwalk, how to post when taking pictures etc.

3. My perfect fashion style is a clean style with small assesories and simple colours. I dont follow anyone , there is noone to inspire me. I am always dressing and following my own style, I would like to be individual.

4. There are several things that interest me in fashion, mainly it was the feeling that looking good gives you. For me, whenever I walk out the house looking good it just feels like I could do anything and all eyes are on me. Another reason I took an interest in fashion was that it enables me to express myself, my personality, and style. By doing that, I’m able to try to inspire others to do the same which I enjoy.

5. I like the fact that the street makes me come alive in essence making use of my environment and expressing my self through my shoots and style

6. I intrested in fashion because my opinion is that, this is the best way how you can impress yourself and your personal style .

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    oshey Michael

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    Outfit 5 is amazing! A look every guy can rock actually. Casual and classy too!

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    Nice ..

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    Kehinde Olawale

    Awesome pictures… Me likey

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    Go micheal 💋💋❤️

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    Loveth emerald

    Michael with the sauce.. Lovely style

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