6 Fitness Tips That Can Change You

3 Instagrammers Who Knows About Fitness


1. Never dress in any type of clothing that doesn’t reflect who you truly are.

2. No matter how many fashion trends you evolve through over time, there is one article of clothing you can never slip out of: your body. We all were given one body at birth, and it is the same as the one we have now, and the same as the one we will have when we die. The maintenance of that permanent fabric falls upon the individual to which it belongs, so we should all treat it with great care. These ideas inspire the one fashion rule I never break: the threads that clothe will never be as important as the body that wears them. Following from this, I have always found that the people with the most aesthetically-pleasing bodies can make just about any fashion style look great!

3. Our first fashion rule is: Never cover your arms with long sleeve T-/shirts. The real gym lover always has to show his gainz in public.We like ourselves the way we are now. We don’t have a person who inspires us, because we are our own inspiration. Believe in yourself, you, yourself is the best person who you should know.

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