7 Beauty Tips To Boost Your Self-confidence

7 Instagrammers tips and ideas on make up


1. Makeup has a power to transform and/or enhance your beauty- This is the thing i love the most about Makeup.

2. As I got older I stared to get more into the tomboy look the over sized jackets with leggings and white nikes with a jean baseball cap, but when I was younger and trying to explore that badass rebel look the people around me would tell me to be more girly or more feminine or follow the latest trend off a magazine. So to my younger self try not to get caught up in other people’s opinion about your style.

3. Makeup is an art. I love expressing my thoughts on my face. I do believe it was made to enhance the beauty but I like to take it to the extreme and try my abilities with it. I love seeing my self in different styles. Different characters it is like my face is my own canvas.

4. It’s good to improve your creativity and try to wear whatever you want no matter what people are gonna say about you. It’s ok if you like to wear a dress a monday or sneakers on Saturday because this is what you want and it’s ok, because if you show everybody confidence, they are gonna like it too.

5. Make-up is so inspiring you can try new things everyday and you can be whoever you want to be if you love dramatic make-up looks, then go for it and create a dramatic look. Practicing is everything and after a while you’ll see you’ll get better and better.

6. Always stay true to yourself, your art, in whatever form of expression that makes you glow.

7. I donot believe in regret and wanting to change the past because I’m happy with where I am now. But I do wish I would take risks and go with my gut instinct and not letting people tell me not to and put me down even though it was my gut feeling to do it.

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