7 Super Sexy Looks And Makeup Tips For Women

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. My make-up routine is really simple. My only must have is a good eyelash – I would never go out without it! I usually wear neutral lipsticks, but sometimes I like to vary with pretty dark lipsticks or shiny lip glosses. I think everyone should put on make-up trying to enhance their strengths and not following fashion: I like myself more with a natural make-up.

2. Almost everything. I think make-up is a girl’s best friend. In particular I’m really into skincare, highlighters and natural makeup, able to underline every women’s best quality.

3. I’m interested in the concealers and makeup bases that help to see the most luminous and hydrated skin, without being overly opaque so as not to cover any possible visible skin on the face. I’m also interested in eye shadows, especially for a more evening makeup, smoky eye type that gives me a lot of strength and intensity in the look. And I love lips painted red, I think it’s always a good time to wear them in this color.

4. First cleaned with taste, primer to make the base, perfect base for your skin, good contour, well marked eyes, elongated lashes, suntan effect blush, illuminator and that lipstick.

5. The same thing that interests me in clothing, it’s an expression of personal style and taste, it completes and elevated an outfit! It’s an accessory in itself.

6. Make-up is something Special, it is like art & you Can Be your own artist, perfect make-up look but it inspires me with looks that highlight the beauty of a human.

7. The perfect makeup have to be very glitter lol love shine migas,do not care about the opinion of other. Always follow your style without independent afraid of anything.

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