8 Best Makeup Ideas For Women To Try In This Year

4 Instagrammers Who Knows About Makeup


1. Makeup because i love how there is a 1000 ways to create a beautiful look – and you can be as creative that you want. Mix colours as you want, and just look exactly how you want to.

2. Feel beautiful, Highlight my assets,Test and discover new products and brands.

3. I talk about pigmentation on my blog a lot as it’s an issue that a lot of women struggle with, so I’m always on the hunt for amazing foundation, concealers and colour correctors that provide a natural, healthy glow whilst evening out my pigmentation/melasma. Im also really loving cream blushes and bold lippies at the moment too!

4. I love MakeUp, because the finished look.. looks so flawless and fresh. You can give your own handwriting. It’s only you. Be creative and different. Try everything out to find the right/special thing.

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