8 Cute And Easy Hairstyles

4 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. What interests in hairstyle would be I love doing something different every single day, I love having fun with it and also the hair is a big part of your outfit! a perfect hairstyle would be half up half down that way you don’t have all your hair in your face and you can show off that beautiful face! I got inspired by this type of look because I play basketball I love my hair back while still be able to give a look. Very fun and cute.

2. A perfect hair style for me is a pixie cut and the person who has inspired this look for me is Teyana Taylor because this cut is not for everyone, but she wears it with such confidence and swag! The Pixie Cut can be dressed up or down! I’m about the cut life!

3. All of it. I myself am a natural curly girl. I will always have loved my curls even before it was trending and now with all the great products formulated to treat and style curly hair it has harbored an appreciation for curls on another level. but never underestimate the perfection of what is a pulled back bun and some hoop earrings!

4. I love naturally curly hair, I’ve always thought that having long, bouncy curls was such a pretty hairstyle.Don’t over think it. Sometimes the best hair days and outfits are the ones that are effortless!

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