8 Outfit Ideas Foe Men To Try Ins This Year

4 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Always dress for the occasion. Weather it’s a Gala, a dinner, or just a cozy night with your pals, find the outfit that matches.

2. Pictures poses of different models in different kinds of clothes.Choose a style that will suite their personality and something different from others.

3. There’s no rules when it comes to fashion. Fashion is whatever you make it. A tip i would give people for style is that it’s okay to be you and wear what your comfortable in. Be confident in whatever you put on. I think confidence makes the outfit.

4. Streetstyle according to my own view, what really fancy my attention or interest me is the ruggedness blended in a simple fashion. Like a rugged jean on a cool polo and a face cap. Mind you colour usage is important.

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