Weekend Casual Outfits Ideas You Need to Copy This Season

5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Fashion helps me to express myself, to make a statement for the world! It allows me to be different. Everyday I come to my wardrobe and ask myself « who am I today? or what is my mood today and then I choose my look: if I want to be a super feminine woman in a dress or look like a rapper in my hoodie and hat.

2. The changes, the evolution of fashion is what interests me in fashion. There is something for everyone and something different each season.

3. My only rule in fashion is BREAK THE RULES. The meaning of fashion is something that always change and transform so why lay down rules.

4. Based on the fact that I have an image consultants degree, what interests me the most in fashion is to be able to draw a line of clothes, design it and be able to create a new line.

5. I have always been interested in fashion not one particular thing interested me, it’s always been a way of expressing myself through different looks.

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